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Plantation Shutters

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Standard Tilt Bar Example

Painted with Standard Tilt Bar

Graber Shutter 7.jpg

Painted Sliding Panels

Our shutters are crafted of fine hardwoods that will add a look of distinction and elegance to any room. Each panel is custom made to fit your window, then expertly installed by our trained staff. We offer a wide range of options, styles, and finishes including arches and multi-panel units. Shutters offer excellent privacy and light-blocking characteristics, yet are easy to operate and can last a lifetime. Furthermore, they can be used in almost any application, such as on doors as well as windows. We also offer louvers in a variety of widths. Shutters provide a finished look from both the interior and exterior of the home.

Control Options

Standard Tilt Bar

Hidden Tilt Bar

Color Options

Stained Wood

Painted Wood

Motorization Options

Low Voltage


Motorization Controls

Handheld or Tabletop Remote

Mounted Wall Switch

Sun Sensor

Mobile App

Home Automation Technology

Slat Options

1  7/8 inch

2  1/2 inch

3  1/2 inch

4  1/2 inch

5  1/2 inch

Stained Example
Hidden Tilt Bar Example

Painted with Hidden Tilt Bar

French Door Example

Painted French Door

Stained with Hidden Tilt Bar

Our Shutter Brands

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