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Why Choose Motorization?

Does having easy to control shades with endless customization options sound useful to you? We can motorize just about any kind of interior or exterior window covering from roller shades to drapery and awnings with products from some of the best vendors in the business, including Lutron and Somfy!

With our incredible motorization options, you can make your home not only more convenient, but safer. Motorization is excellent for large or hard-to-reach shades, and the lack of cords is safer for children and pets.

Read more about home automation technology and all of our other options below.

Power Options

Hard-Wired and Plug-in (AC) Motors:
Our AC motors are great for large or heavy shades. With more power, they can lift six shades on a single band, and it's easy to hide the wiring behind a fascia head-box. As the fastest motor option, AC motors can open and close your shades in no time at all. Available with roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades, transitional shades, draperies, woven wood shades, and some specialty solutions.

Low Voltage (DC) Motors:

DC or low-voltage motors are an excellent option for smaller shades when you still want to hard-wire. They are faster than battery-powered shades and quieter than AC motorized shades for a perfect balance of speed and noise control. Available with roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades, transitional shades, draperies, blinds, plantation shutters, woven wood shades, and some specialty solutions.

Battery-Powered Motors:

Battery-Powered shades are the best for a small shade where hard-wiring isn't the right choice, whether it be for the wire's visibility or not wanting to hire an electrician. These budget-friendly motors are the quietest type of motor and have the option to be rechargeable or reloadable. Available with roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades, transitional shades, blinds, shutters, woven wood shades, and some specialty solutions.


Control Options

Remote Controls:
Remotes are the most common control choice for motorized shades. They are easy to program in any way you would like, from one shade at a time to every shade at once and anything in between. There is even an option to set a favorite stopping point for each shade, so you don't have have to stop them manually. Remotes are small and easy to store in a drawer or on an end table, so they are always right there when you need them!

Wall Switches:

Wall switches are great for opening and closing your shades when you enter or leave a room. They are battery-powered so you don't have to worry about wiring them or hiring an electrician. Having a stationary switch means you'll never lose the control and it will continuously be right where you expect it to be. Wall switches also can also have favorite stopping points set, as well as the ability to have custom engraved buttons so you never forget which shade you are controlling.

Sun Sensors:

If you want your shades to raise and lower with the sun, then the sun sensor is the perfect tool for you. It can control your shades based on the amount of light in the room, plus it's small and discreet so you'll hardly know it's there. Just like the wall switch, the sun sensor is battery-powered - no hard-wiring necessary!

Mobile App:

Integration interfaces allow you to control your shades right from your smartphone or tablet. With the app, you can set timers to open or close your shades, and you are carrying your remote with you everywhere you go!

Home Automation Technology:

Home automation technology is by far the most convenient control option. Home automation interfaces are compatible with many different systems, including Amazon's "Alexa." Set custom routines or activate scenes just by verbally asking - your shades can be raised or lowered from anywhere in your home without lifting a finger!

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