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Cloth Tape Example

Decorative Cloth Tape

2in Wood Example

2" Wood Blinds

2", 2 ½” and 3" Wood Blinds are our most popular blind. Being extremely versatile, these blinds are available as inside or outside mount, with a variety of valance styles. All are custom made to your exact sizes, and are available in painted or stained finishes.

2" Faux and Composite Blinds are perfect for utility rooms and baths where a wood blind may not be practical. Available with many of the same options as the 2" Woods.

2" Aluminum Blinds, while reminiscent of the '50's and 60's, are still popular today. These blinds are available in a wide range of colors and options.

Our 1" Aluminum Blinds use the thickest slat available, integrated headrails, and top-of-the-line controls. Available in a huge selection of colors, including metallic finishes.

Control Options

Cord Lift/Cord Tilt

Cord Lift/Wand Tilt


Material Options

Real Wood

Faux Wood



Color Options

Stained Wood

Painted Wood


Decorative Cloth Tape

Motorization Options



Low Voltage


Motorization Controls

Handheld or Tabletop Remote

Mounted Wall Switch

Sun Sensor

Mobile App

Home Automation Technology

Slat Options

1 inch

2 inch

2  1/2 inch

Timber Metal Blinds 2.jpg

1" Aluminum Blinds

Alta Blinds 1.jpg

2" Faux Wood Blinds

Our Blind Brands

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